Recommended Reading: Stop Thinking Start Living – By Richard Carlson

Recommended Reading: Stop Thinking Start Living – By Richard Carlson

Your past is only a figment of your imagination and so is your future. The only moment that actually exists, that is real, is now.

Your life is not responsible for your happiness or unhappiness – you are.

Happiness is not a result of what happens to us in our lives. It is a moment to moment choice that each of us makes.

Choice points

Healthy Functioning Overthinking

Letting Go

Hanging on

Happiness rather than being right

Being right is important

Not dwelling on an issue

Dwelling on an issue

Choosing love and forgiveness

Choosing anger and fear

It’s OK

It’s not OK

Seeing the truth and moving on

Trying to get to them bottom of things

Little analysis or interpretation

Over analysis

Live in the present moment. If we spend our time waiting to be happy until a certain set of conditions are in place, when we are richer, when the children grow up, when we can retire then we give u our right to be happy in the present and that somebody may or may not come and even if does it is unlikely to create the feelings we hope! Don’t attach conditions to your contentment – I will be happy when XYZ!

Healthy Functioning Overthinking

Living moment to moment

Living in the past or future

Focus on enjoyment

Focus on improvement

Mind is clear and free

Mind is consumed with worry and concern

Happy with what is

Obsessed with what could be better

Experiencing life

Analysing life

Learn from mistakes

Dwell on mistakes

What you can do

What you can’t do