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Leadership & Management Development

You can’t be a leader without followers. We firmly believe that any leadership development or training should be based on values and principles that encourage and develop the leader’s relationship with others. We have delivered individual master classes in different aspect of leadership through to fully accredited training programme for both aspiring and senior leaders in large organisations.

Dorset County Council – 4 day Management Essentials Programme for New Leaders.


  • I found the course excellent overall – nice feel and well delivered.
  • I found Neil to be interesting and interested. Great knowledge of the subject matter and offered good tools for me to take away and use in the workplace and the home.
  • Neil is very accommodating and enjoyable to spend time with.
  • I found it useful to revisit and reflect in a safe, conductive environment.
  • I enjoyed being able to meet other managers, the discussions and the coaching section.
  • A very supportive environment achieved, Enjoyable – Thank you.
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Coaching Training

Coaching starts from a position of strength. It says that all of us have within us the ability and skill to develop and grow. It is not a deficit model. People don’t have coaching because there is something wrong with them, they have it to help them improve and build on their current performance so that they can be better. Coaching does encourage us to think back but only so that we can look forward. It’s what’s next that’s really important, not what has gone before. Coaching is not about fixing, it’s about improving performance. Think Back Look Forward provides bespoke training in coaching skills as well as ILM Level 3, 5 and 7 qualifications.

ILM level 3, 5 and 7 Qualifications for South West Councils


  • The training gave a clear explanation of the coaching process and how to put it into practice. I’m going to try to let my team work through the problem without jumping in with solutions.
  • Today’s session was very interesting and the whole session was relevant as it was focused on supporting others. It was both useful and helpful and the resources you shared will be well used!
  • I feel as if my eyes have been opened to coaching. There were several ‘eureka’ moments when we realised that people often have their own solutions. I feel confident to try all of the things we trialled today.
  • Coaching finally makes sense and I know exactly how to use this back at the office. Many thanks for a useful and enjoyable day.
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Staff Wellbeing

Statistically one in four people will experience a mental health problem each year. Stress is the number one reason for long term absence in the workplace. At the current rate of increase, it will be the second most disabling condition in the world by 2020, just behind heart disease and yet it remains the last work place taboo. We provide direct training in how to improve mental health and wellbeing with practical down to earth suggestions and ideas on how to look after you staff.

Workshops for 1 in 4 http://1in4people.org.uk/ and NHS Supervision training


  • Your approach is so refreshing, authentic and insightful. Rest assured, we’ll be in touch re next year’s session.
  • I really found this a great help in keeping me focused on the things that were important and needed to be done, it really was a great way to keep me moving through everything in the right direction and not just getting totally swamped!
  • Delivered at a really good pace, without spending too long on any one point. Including humour is great and this was done without detracting from the main discussion point. Keep doing what you’re doing!
Managing Challenging Behaviour

We provide short workshops or full one day training programmes in the skills of how to manage challenging behaviour. We look at and practise a range of techniques and strategies that help individuals to develop the skills they need to manage challenging situations and conversations effectively.

North Somerset Emotion Coaching Programme


  • Interesting and hugely beneficial.
  • The course reinforced best practice and gave up to date information on neuroscience.
  • Engaging and interesting
  • The brain stuff was really useful and I have used that several times already.
  • I used the hand model to help explain ‘flipping the lid’
  • I enjoyed the day and found the content user friendly
  • I have used this with a group of children whose parents misuse drugs and alcohol.
  • Good tools, straightforward phrases, really useful!
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Change, Innovation & Time Management

In a time of real change both economically and culturally it is important to manage and in fact change calmly and effectively. Our courses offer practical ideas and tips on how to stay calm and focused even in the most challenging environments.

Penzance Town Council Innovation and Change workshops


  • You gave a clear structure to the session whilst allowing everyone to contribute. You are brilliant at keeping everyone on task but getting to new areas if they clearly benefit a discussion. You have done a great job in capturing and maintaining the enthusiasm of our group. You ensured we use time wisely and kept a focus on ensuring we all do an effective job. Thank you.
  • Excellent approach, great style, makes me feel valued. Very energetic, you kept the delegates focused! You have the ability to be flexible and change agenda according to discussions.
  • Very clearly led, this was difficult content from which to get clear outcomes due to the number of people and complexity of the task but you pulled the team to action. You have a really nice style, very inclusive and clear.